Welcome to our

Annual Report 2015/16

Better Home, better lives

It’s been a busy year at Fortis Living and we want to share with you what’s been happening.

In our first 2 years we have invested £24.7 million improving your homes & built 991 new ones

We were able to make these investments thanks to our drive to be more efficient in what we do. We know we can do more and we have ambitious targets to create more new homes and to make our services even better.

Read on to find out what’s gone well this year and where we need to get better. We will also try giving you a flavour of our future plans. If you have a view to share or feel there are things we could do better, please tell us.

Listening and learning

You have given us some fantastic feedback and suggestions to help us improve this year. All complaints are addressed fairly and quickly, in line with the targets and standards set out in our complaints policy.